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Logo & Branding.

Logo and Branding Packages for Businesses, Personal Brands and Educational Programmes

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Uncover the potential of a unique logo through our specialised design solutions. Our creative team designs exceptional logos that enhance your business's identity using inventive ideas. We collaborate closely with you, presenting a range of imaginative concepts that deliver your brand's distinct values.


Invest in your business with a quality brand image that will take your reputation to a whole new level. Whether your business is big or small, having a strong brand image is paramount in boosting your client base, leads, and product sales. Would you like to discuss your project further? 

Pricing Packages.

One-time payment, no recurring charges.
Would you prefer a payment plan option? Email with the package you'd like and we'll create an invoice payment plan for you.
  • The Starter Brand Package

    Ideal for start-ups, personal brands & side hustles
    • Primary Logo
    • Secondary Logo (Brand Mark OR Composition Variation)
    • Colour Palette
    • Associated Typography
    • Initial Concepts (Up to 2 Revisions)
    • Basic Brand Guidelines
    • All File Formats (PNG, JPEG, PDF & EPS)
  • Most Popular

    The Essentials Brand Package

    Perfect for startups, small businesses & rebrands
    • Primary Logo
    • Secondary Logo (Composition Variation)
    • Brand Mark (Icon)
    • Colour Palette
    • Typography
    • 1 Design Element (Pattern OR 5 Icons OR 3 Illustrations)
    • Initial Concepts (Up to 4 Revisions)
    • Simple Brand Identity Guidelines
    • All File Formats Supplied (PNG, JPEG, PDF & EPS)
  • The Ultimate Brand Package

    The complete brand experience for businesses big & small
    • The Essentials Package +
    • Brand Pattern
    • Icon or Illustration Set
    • Photography Treatment
    • Logo Animation (mp4 File)
    • Social Media Graphics Package
    • Branded Templates (PowerPoint/Word/Product Packaging)
    • Initial Concepts (Up to 6 Revisions)
    • Comprehensive Brand Identity Guidelines
    • All File Formats Supplied (PNG, JPEG, PDF & EPS)
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Unique Logo Designs.

We've designed logos and brand packages for a range of businesses, educational programmes and events. We take your idea and make it a reality with our unique designs that are intuitive to your brand.

Would you like to know more before deciding on a package?

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